Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Day at The Beach

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to spend a few hours at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. The sky was perfect.  The park stunningly beautiful.  I love the winter beach vibe.  Along with traditional photo capturing, I took some impressionistic liberties.  This popular abstract approach has various names in the world of photography: motion blurs, swipes, intentional camera movement, slow shutter speed, to name a few.  Applying this in-camera technique allowed me to really tease out the mood that surrounded me...cold, for sure, windy, yes, but yet dreamy, other worldly.  I softened the "color" of the day to a peaceful blue green - because even with all the weather elements whipping and swirling around me - it was calm and serene.   I can't wait to go back!

All comments welcomed! I leave you with a quote on calm and storm:

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm."

― Willa Cather

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  1. Wonderful images, Kate! Nice interpretation of the serenity! Yes, the advantages of winter beach photography are many, my favorite being less 'clutter' (oily bodies). lol

    1. Less clutter, less oily bodies is fine with me too! Thanks for the compliment, Rob.